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Since Katrina hit the coast of Louisiana and the levees broke, Friends of New Orleans has helped the city and its surrounding parishes by:

1. Advocating for the Region and Informing Policymakers
Every year FONO hosts educational briefings and panel discussions for policymakers, congressional staff and decision makers, to discuss the progress made by New Orleans and surrounding parishes, post-Katrina, and the challenges that still lie ahead.

2. Linking Local Leaders/Organizations with Donors that Care to Create Opportunities for Action
FONO provides opportunities for neighborhood leaders and local organizations from New Orleans to meet donors and discuss what is working in the recovery efforts, as well as the continued needs of the communities. FONO organizes and hosts educational donor events all across the country.

3. Putting a National Spotlight on the City and Giving Local Leaders a Voice
FONO events highlight key issues for the region's recovery - such as better levees and coastal restoration, good schools and adequate healthcare, safe and vibrant neighborhoods - that generate national media attention. FONO makes it possible for local leaders to tell their stories of how they are making New Orleans a better place to live, and the challenges they face on the road to recovery.

Learn about all of FONO's efforts towards New Orleans' Rebirth during the past 4 years by clicking this link: FONO 4 Year Report

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